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25 Oct 2020 15:02

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On camping trips, a log or tree stump can often become the go-to seat, but nothing gives you the much-needed support and comfort after a day of activities quite like a camping chair.

With many camping chairs on the market – and lots of different styles and prices – finding the right one can feel like a bit of a mission. And if you have ever sat on a saggy and uncomfortable chair, you’ll understand the importance of choosing wisely.

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A good camping chair should not only offer comfort, it should also be durable. It will take a lot of abuse from being tossed in the back of cars, dragged around and left out in harsh weather.

The best part of the chair is its two interchangeable standard and Terragrip feet. With the enhanced feet, you can sit on a sandy or muddy terrain without sinking. The legs are further joined together with a shock cord for enhanced stability.

The WildHorn chair is very durable, made from heavy-duty aircraft grade 7075 aluminium alloy making it completely rust and corrosion proof. In addition, the seat cover is removable and is machine washable.

There’s also a mesh fabric at the back of the chair for air flow. The only downside to this is that it is not cushioned for comfort.

Another good thing about this chair is storage. The poles slot apart easily and can be folded into the storage bag. The storage bag is made of mesh fabric and has Velcro carry scraps. This bag can be attached underneath the chair when not in use or used as a handy storage pouch for your torch, keys, and cell phone.

The downsides to this chair is that it is not so high off the floor and it is tight fit for most people over 90 kg despite the 150 kg weight limit.

The Johnny Relax camping chair from Qeedo is a great all-round seat that has a reinforced drinks cooler and cooling pocket integrated into the armrests, meaning you’ll no longer need to be up and down like a yoyo.

There is even a handy bottle opener integrated in the cooling pocket.

The chair folds out within seconds and is equally easy to put away. Unlike other chairs in this range, Qeedo hasn’t skimped on comfort either.

The padded headrest, relatively wide seating area and backrest, and double layer polyester leave you feeling supported and relaxed.

Perhaps our favourite part is that this folding camp chair can be converted into a recliner by opening up the foldable seat extension.

Based on the same idea as a Lazyboy couch, all you have to do is lean back with a bit of a push and and the foot part area upwards.

Lean forwards again to fold it back in. Once again avoiding the constant getting up and down or fiddling around with spare parts.

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