Tunnel Tent for 2 People

25 Oct 2020 14:55

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Tents come in many different styles and sizes, but the most useful type of one to have in yourgear cupboard, the one you’ll get most use out of, is a two-person tent( or a two-man tent).

We can’t think of many things better than being tucked up under the stars, protected from the elements after a big day in the mountains and ready for another big one the following day in something that doesn’t feel like a cocoon.

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The best two person tents for hiking need to meet a tricky set of features: they need to provide enough space to become a comfortable home away from home for two and need to protect you from all the hail, rain, snow and/or wind the mountains can conceivably throw at you.

On top of requiring our two person tents to meet these fundamentals, it also helps when they’re lightweight, packable, low cost and quick to pitch.

Yes, these tents are inevitably going to be heavier than the tents we featured in our Best Solo Tents For Backpacking 2019 test, but as these backpacking tents are designed to accommodate two people, you’ll be able to split many of the components between yourself and your partner in an effort to evenly distribute weight.

Many of these tents can be split up into four different components; outer (fly), inner, pegs and poles.

Saying that, there’s also nothing better than having a two person tent all to yourself for what could possibly be the most comfortable night you’ll spend on the mountains (as long as you’ve also got your sleeping bag and sleeping mat setup dialled).

Those of us coming in taller than average will infinitely prefer the space offered in these tents, compared to the much smaller footprints typically found in ultra lightweight solo tents.

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