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25 Oct 2020 14:52

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Tunnel tents are fast becoming more and more popular on the campsite due to their unique shape and practicality.

For those of you who like a tent with an extension, such as an awning or porch, then you will love a tunnel tent.

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The tunnel has more coverage, protection and is vastly more stable, due to it being manufactured directly onto the original structure of the tent.

Widely used by large camping groups because of the extra sheltered area, which can be used in a variety of ways, fast becoming one of the top camping tents for families.

The perfect spot for an outdoor dog bed, away from your sleeping area. More than enough space for a camping table and chairs to set up a dining area or to store your outdoor gear like bikes, kayaks and camping coolers.

Not only for extra space but there is an interesting natural feature, they hold up really well in strong winds due to the aerodynamic, tubular shape of the tunnel, giving you and yours peace of mind in a storm.

Discover our choices for the best tunnel tents for camping on the market today. Our list is mainly dominated by Vango and Coleman models, as expected, with a few options from Ozark Trail, Skandika and Easy Camp joining us.

They range in capacity and design, and we’ve picked out favorite brands with the highest quality materials and overall structures.

5-person family tunnel tent uses its tapered end to emulate a secluded sleeping space for a better rest. The bedrooms are classified as extra-large have a blackout effect that reduces 99% of sunlight from entering.

This helps everyone control their sleep system, so they don’t have to wake up at sunrise. The main section is large enough to stand up in and we think it has enough room for a table and chairs to enjoy an indoor dining experience.

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