Jetboil Cooking System

25 Oct 2020 14:38

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The Jetboil Zip is a small and simple integrated canister stove. It's 0.75-liter pot makes it a bit more packable than some other stoves in this category. The burner and pot connect securely, and the integrated design improves fuel efficiency.

However, we've become used to the wire control valves and reliable piezo igniters found on top models. The tiny knob on the Zip can be hard to operate when the stove is about to boil over, and we had to remember which backpack pocket our lighter was in whenever it was time for a hot drink.

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However, for folks on a budget who are willing to forgo these nice extras, this stove could still be a good choice.

Fuel Efficiency

The Zip is fairly efficient for an integrated canister stove. Though it only used 0.2 ounces of fuel in our no wind boil test, we say "fairly" because of the pot's low capacity. The pot on the zip only holds 0.75 liters of water when full to the brim.

We tested it with 0.5 liters of water; the other stoves were tested with 1 liter. That said, if we doubled the fuel burned (and we think that would be an overestimation), the Zip would still be performing respectably for an integrated canister stove and well compared to many other stoves in this review.

In our 2-4 mph fan test, the Zip burned 50% more fuel.

At 10.6 ounces (300 grams), the Zip is the lightest integrated canister stove in our review and one of the lighter stoves in general when you take into account that a pot is included.

This weight does not include the canister stand (0.9 ounces) or the small plastic cup that comes with the stove.

Remember that the Zip comes with the smaller JetBoil pot, which holds 0.75 liters when filled to the brim. For a couple of ounces more, you can get one of their 1-liter pots.

Simmering Ability

Integrated canister stoves are generally not built to simmer. The Zip can technically simmer, but it's not great at it. That said, the control valve sensitivity isn't too bad, and the small diameter of the pot means that, with a little stirring, it's easy to keep the middle from getting scorched.

Ease Of Use

At the dawn of the integrated canister stove category, we would have thought this model was pretty easy to use, because back then all stoves like this were easier to use than others. Nowadays, however, the fact that there's no piezoelectric igniter makes the Zip feel old-fashioned for a Jetboil.

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