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25 Oct 2020 14:26

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Whether you’re looking for a portable espresso maker to take camping or to use in an Airbnb while on the roast; it’s important to find one that actually makes espresso. Between scalding hot water and high pressure, espresso makers require precise tolerances and careful engineering to function to produce a rich and cream-rich shot.

Portable espresso makers take these constraints….and add the additional complexity of miniaturization. Make sure to start each morning of your vacation off with a shot of freshly brewed espresso instead of with frustration and under-extracted brown water!

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The 10 options below run the gamut from ‘ultra-light’ to ‘modern-art’ and all produce reliable espresso in a matter of minutes. No 2 are the same, however, so which portable espresso machine will fit your needs? Let’s find out.

How important is portability (and weight) for you?

When it comes to deciding on bringing a coffee brewer on your trip, weight may be the deciding factor if you’re highly mobile (i.e. a ‘digital nomad’). Nobody in their right mind would bring a traditional home espresso maker with them, but the portable options do vary greatly in weight too.

While all of the espresso makers below are ‘portable’ (in that they come with carrying cases, are durable, and compact), they vary considerably in weight. Some are light enough to reasonably bring along on a multi-day hike, while others are better suited to less weight dependent ventures like canoe camping or an airline’s checked luggage.

Ultra Light (<340 grams)

If you intend on backpacking or hiking and waking up to a shot of espresso in a new location daily; then ultra light is the ideal option (unless you are a glutton for both espresso and punishment). Most backpackers tolerate instant coffee as an adequate substitute for the real thing, but we’re here to drink espresso so let’s just assume that isn’t going to cut it.

The lightest portable espresso makers are in the 220-340 gram (8-12 ounce) range and if you pack well can easily be accommodated on a multi-day trek. Have more than one person coming along? Perfect, have them carry some of your gear and treat them to a shot of espresso each morning for their trouble.

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